not all who wander are lost

by A Sojourner

…my musings along the way

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Prophetic Witness of the Church


I love everything about this cartoon. The church should be a prophetic witness to the kingdom of God. It should have never bowed before the governments of the world.

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New Beginnings

I’ve been feeling the pull to write again - openly and honestly - about that which moves me along this wandering called life. I don’t know how frequently I’ll publish long form articles but hopefully a few will come out in the coming weeks and months and in between hopefully more brief commentary.

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Top Wishlist Books (January 2016)

I thought I’d make a different sort of top ten list as everyone is finishing up posting their ”Best of 2015” lists. I was looking through my Amazon wishlist and thought I’d post my top 10 on my wishlist to see if anyone had suggestions on what I should get to first as I have a little bit of Christmas spending money left. This list won’t be numbered. If you’ve read any of them, let me know your thoughts and whether or not I should prioritize it!

  • Place Attachment: Advances in Theory, Methods and Applications - This is an interesting one. It’s an academic work exploring place attachment, or how people form emotional bonds with their surroundings. I think this is a particularly important topic when considering urban ministry & development particularly with the emergence of mega cities.
  • An Other Kingdom: Departing the Consumer Culture - This one looks at the challenge of a consumeristic

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Linked List June 21 2015

  • I found This to be a good article on launching a blog. It’s crazy detailed (and may be a bit much for some people) but there is a lot of good info within. So - far all of you who have asked me about this over the past few months: look to this article first.
  • Mission Drift is something I’ve processed in various contexts over the past few months. This article looks at it in the context of church. It applies more broadly though. Perhaps one of the most helpful bits? ”Say no to some very good things.”
  • In business/corporation/organizational news, do you know how to end your emails? What’s best? ”Nothing. Don’t sign off at all. With the rise of Slack and other office chatting software, e-mail has begun functioning more like instant messaging anyway.” Say thanks if you are thanking someone but other wise, you don’t really need anything (and it more often than not it can be inappropriate to use

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