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A (very brief) history of my time

Life has been interesting.

As I've mentioned in various places, I'm in a bit of transition. Part of it, as alluded to in the last post, involves unraveling the stories told about me. Part of it is understanding where I've been and how that shapes things moving forward. To that end, a brief timeline of life has been helpful to consider:

It's been an interesting life so far. I wouldn't trade the majority of it for anything. The experience of living in new places, of learning new cultures, of seeing a much bigger world is worth more than anything I can think of. Our kids as well have such a unique view of the world around them. And my own personal journey in it all is so valuable as well. I found myself starting out adulthood as a tech nerd who found a love for coaching people he never expected to have. Who knows what will come? What I do know: other people don't get to write the story no matter how hard they might try.

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